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more information and thanks Ci3

Thank you both for your help.  When I get back to Ohio this coming weekend, I will see what I can do and will definitely ask again if the problem persists.  I'm thinking of setting up a new drive (thumb) for the accumulation and the analysis, targeting this drive for the accumulation.  Indeed, before I left town I did discover that the data was going into another folder, but then could still not retrieve a full set of data.  I may have too many dat files in that folder.  Were I to create a clean folder or new drive, what would need to be that destination before I targeted it for data accumulation?
related to an answer for: unable to access accumulated CI3 data
asked Nov 2, 2016 by John Bing

1 Answer

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The folder that you are accumulating data to should contain the .ci3, .qst and .asc files (That's the Ci3 shell, the questionnaire it creates, and the actual program file).  From there accumulate your data and make sure that is the Destination directory during that process.
answered Nov 2, 2016 by Jay Rutherford Gold (35,255 points)