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Database Table Name Conflict

I am trying upload a survey on xampp server on windows machine. I am using ssi version 8.4.8. When i am trying to connect to the database it throws an error "Database Table Name Conflict". Whereas i have only created a database in phpmyadmin provided by xampp and it has no tables in it. I am new to SSI, Please help to get through this problem .Below you can find the exact description of  error i am getting.

*FAILED Database Table Name Conflict
There are already database tables setup for "dsform" in this database. Either remove the "dsform" tables in this database or create a new database for this study.

(Note: Another possibility is that the original path to the admin directory has changed. See the "study_path" column in the "dsform_info" table.)*

**where dsform is my study name.
asked Aug 3, 2016 by 08.anish (120 points)

1 Answer

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This usually means that you have uploaded this study twice to the same server and they both are using the same database.  If you can get access to the database table dsform_info you can look in the study_path column to see where the original path is and delete that study, then delete all the existing tables and the problem should clear up.
answered Aug 3, 2016 by Mike Lodder Gold (23,395 points)
Thanks for the prompt response.
But in my case there are no tables being generated in the database, so can't access dsform_info table. I have deleted the database and recreated it even. Still the error remains the same.
The tables must exist in the database otherwise you wouldn't be getting this error.  Make the database you are connecting to is the same one you deleted the tables.