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Can you still set up a simulator to be share of preference if only one product selection was allowing in DCM?

Given that we only allowed respondents to select only one product.  We assumed that we had to set up the simulator to be a first choice model.  

However, we are seeing very large swings when turning products on and off in the simulator, which we believe to be due to the first choice calculations.  

Is it possible to calculate based on share of preference, even if respondents only selected one product per screen?
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asked May 23, 2016 by Evan

1 Answer

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Yes, the share of preference model is designed for the case of discrete choices (i.e. select one from 2+ alternatives).  You are not restricted to first choice.
answered May 23, 2016 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (90,575 points)
Thank you!