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Tanja Eiff

Tanja Eiff

Tanja is going to complete her study at Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz in Germany this year. Her study path is Media Management (M.A.) and the main courses are media economics, communication and marketing. In addition to her study, she is working for ZMG Zeitungs Marketing Gesellschaft, the central German marketing organization of newspapers.

Her task is the analysis of the effectiveness of advertising ordered by top German advertisers. Furthermore she is publisher of ‘ZMG Medienbeobachtung’, a newsletter about the latest news of the media and marketing landscape.

Her leisure time is enriched by classical music, philosophical literature and yoga.

Tanja is doing research on the key factors of success of ebooks. Her research interest focuses on the fact, that ebooks have some difficulties in getting a footing in the German book market. The goal of her research is to identify the main needs and preferences of the relevant target groups and to find out, which product features are most important for the consumers decision to purchase. For that purpose, she conducts qualitative expert interviews to identify relevant product attributes. With the support of Sawtooth Software she creates an online questionnaire and evaluates the data using the MaxDiff method.

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