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Julia Mason

Julia Mason

Julia Mason is a first year PhD student in Biology at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. She studies marine conservation with Larry Crowder, and hopes to apply scientific principles of how animals and humans utilize marine ecosystems to effective, collaborative management strategies.

For this project, she is comparing scientists’ ocean research priorities with those of marine and coastal policymakers, managers, stakeholders, and users. In 2014, Dr. Murray Rudd of the University of York used a Sawtooth Software survey to ask marine scientists worldwide to prioritize a list of important marine research questions, and compared results across disciplines, regions, and demographics. She plans to send a shorter version of this survey to managers and stakeholders (focusing on the United States, initially), and compare results across groups and with scientists. She hopes to identify areas in which scientists can have greater impact on policy decisions, designate priority mismatches that require better communication or alignment, and indicate approaches and questions that merit federal funding. Her goal is to provide marine and coastal managers and stakeholders a voice in the academic literature, and help align marine science research with policy and practice.

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