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Jan Schmidt

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Innovation Management at the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany), Jan decided to gain more managerial knowledge. Therefore he moved to Mainz (Germany) to study International Management and Marketing at Johannes Gutenberg-University.

During his studies, Jan spent one practical semester in South Africa for the german car company Audi and one academic semesters at Tongji University in Shanghai (China). In addition to his academic education, he gained professional experience working in different companies and business fields. In his leisure time Jan enjoys travelling and exploring new cultures. With his backpack he has traveled all continents except Antarctica and South America so far. 

The research focus of Jan’s master thesis lies in the field of sustainability marketing and pricing strategies for electric vehicles. Therefore Jan used the choice based conjoint analysis (CBC) from Sawtooth Software’s. Currently the adoption rate on electric vehicles remains very low. One of the main reasons are the price premiums consumers have to pay for an EV compared to a CV. Jan’s thesis is focused on the examination of the acceptance factors of electric vehicles and whether consumers are willing to pay a price premium for electric vehicles. His thesis will give answers to the following questions: Which are the most relevant EV-related attributes for customers? Is the driving distance really the most important attribute? Are Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicles preferred over Battery Electric Vehicles? Are customers willing to pay a price premium for EV? To answer such questions the thesis segments consumers into different groups based on their experience with EV, their age, and their environmental attitude. Afterwards Jan compares his findings with other studies from other countries to examine differences in the user behaviour. 

If you are interested in Jan’s work or want to contact him you can write him an email (jschmi07(at)   

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