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Luiz Pilli

Luiz Pilli

Luis is an MsC student at the business school of University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. His academic project is focused on consumer decision processes, more specifically in how varying amounts of information presented to the consumer may lead to the deployment of different decision strategies.


Luis is developing and experimental design varying the number of options and the number of attributes per option in a discrete choice experiment to explore the consumer decision strategies. The design will be deployed through CBC and analyzed though CBC/HB.

Luis is also a marketing research professional being  a managing partner at LARC Pesquisa de Marketing for the past 13 years. He plays some roles at ABEP (the Brazilian marketing research companies association) where he is a coordinator of the committee responsible for studying the standard social economic criteria (Critério Brasil) used for the marketing industry in Brasil and editor of Revista PMKT, a scientific journal published by ABEP.

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