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Christopher Serenari

Christopher Serenari

Christopher is a 34-year-old Forestry and Environmental Resources Ph.D. student at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. His primary research focus is on governance of environmental and natural resources, natural resource dependent communities, and the relationships between political, economic, cultural, and social factors. Christopher enjoys conducting research abroad. He examined the nexus of rural livelihoods, institutions, and water governance in rural South Africa in 2012 and also conducted his Masters research on proenvironmental behavior in the Indian Himalaya in 2009.

As part of his Ph.D. work, Christopher will use Sawtooth software’s Choice Based Conjoint (CBC) system for an internet survey, which will be used to quantify perceived preferences of different attributes of biomass harvesting guidelines for the evaluation of potential solutions to possible barriers involving forest policy in the Southeastern United States’ forestry sector. Outside of school, Christopher enjoys whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, reading poetry by Whitman and Frost, and racing his very fast two-year-old daughter down the street.

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