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Antti Heikura

Antti Heikura

Antti Heikura is currently completing his master's degree in business, in the University of Eastern Finland. His specialization is in service management and in his studies he has focused in international affairs, including minor in international relations and two exchange semesters abroad (Corvinus University of Budapest & State University of Saint Petersburg). During studies Antti has worked for six years in a cheese factory that also explains his passionate, everyday relationship to cheese. During his leisure time he enjoys music in all of its forms and goes to the gym. Travelling is also close to his heart.

In his master's thesis Antti is researching the recent European food trends and their desirability among Russian and Finnish students. The questionnaire will be conducted for the students of State University of Saint Petersburg and University of Eastern Finland using Sawtooth Software's SSI Web. Choice based conjoint will be used to find out what are the differences between the two respondent groups and could Russians be willing to adopt the European trends that have already reached Finland.

You can reach him through email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or additionally you can check the website of his university( to find out what is it like to study in Finland.

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