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Liliia Ismagilova

Liliia is a 24-year-old marketing student currently completing the master’s program at National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), Russia. She is particularly interested in branding and value concept. In 2013 she has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Human resources management in HSE. She loves travelling and getting to know new people and their cultures. Besides she loves participate in volunteer camps abroad. For example, the last camp was about helping in organizing the Esperanzah festival in Belgium.

In terms of high competition for qualified personnel in the labor market Employer Value Preposition (EVP) becomes an important tool to attract qualified candidates. Especially it becomes important on the industrial market because it has a peculiarity. The peculiarity of this market is that in order to take an engineering post graduates need to gain experience in the enterprise starting from working profession, which are not a prestigious and highly paid. But companies are interested in attracting high potential students to stay competitive on the market. Therefore, the focus of the study would be to determine the most important attributes of EVP for graduates of engineering specialties using the techniques of choice based conjoint (ACBC).


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