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Kyle Murphy

Kyle Murphy

Kyle is a true left brain/right brain person, with experience as a creative in advertising and strategist in investment banking and as CEO of multiple technology companies. He's recently expanded his experience as a professor of strategy at Pepperdine University's business school, where he received his MBA.

He is an avid traveler and foodie, loves to surf in his home town of Palos Verdes and race sailboats anywhere, and is married to Jenn, whom he describes as much nicer than himself.



Kyle is researching the effect of brand affinity on investor stock choice for his doctor of business administration degree program at Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester in England. He is curious to see if a model can be developed that can help measure/predict the effect of an individual's level of brand affinity for a company on stock choice including pricing and risk aversion. Kyle is using behavioral economic and finance theories to support his research. He has chosen to conduct an online experimental controlled study using conjoint analysis for its effectiveness with choice-based studies.


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