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Anja Weinert

Anja Weinert

Anja, 25 years old, is enrolled in the Master of Science program in Business Administration at the LMU Munich, Germany. Currently she is writing her master thesis at the Institute of Electronic Commerce and Digital Markets.

Her master thesis is titled “The effect of coupon-specific factors on mobile coupon redemptions – A product-comparative study”. Mobile coupons are an important dynamic marketing tool in nowadays society. The goal of this study is to show how the optimal mobile coupon design depends upon the promoted product.

In a between-subject experimental design for the product type (hedonic vs. utilitarian product) two CBC´s will be conducted. In the choice tasks, respondents are asked to choose their preferred mobile coupon which is described by various attributes such as distance from the offline POS, discount or coupon type (single vs. social = group coupon). Anja hopes to find out which attributes are most important for the decision to redeem a coupon, depending upon the product type. Thereby, she aims to add a systematic product-specific lens on the mobile coupon literature and hopes to show marketers a first direction how to best account for the promoted product when designing a mobile coupon.

Anja's  target audience are researchers in the area of mobile coupons as well as marketing specialists.

To learn more about Anja´s work and experience you can visit her LinkedIn page or Xing Profile:

Or contact her via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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