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Thomas Schönland

Thomas Schönland

Thomas is studying Economics Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. The 26-year-old is focusing on energy economics and is especially interested in the topics of smart grids and battery storage. He is currently writing his master thesis at the Institute of Information Systems and Marketing ( and has prior studied Business Administration at the University of Resources in Freiberg, Germany, where he finished his studies analyzing the effects of the implementation of a German-wide smart grid in his bachelor thesis.

In his master thesis, Thomas will be analyzing impact factors of the willingness of household electricity customers to participate in local electricity markets (LEM). LEM are a rather new approach in the field of energy and allow household electricity customers to actively trade electricity within their community, thus offering the prospect of integrating distributed renewable energies in the energy system more efficiently.

Most research in this area so far is focused on efficient set-ups of LEM, e.g. optimal auction designs. It does not cover the question of the household customer’s motivation and willingness to participate in LEM, nor whether they are even interested in such a product. Since public acceptance becomes an increasingly important topic in energy economics, Thomas wants to explore the most important design parameters of LEM from an end consumer perspective. For this purpose, an ACBC survey design with two different target groups will be conducted. The first group consists of customers of a regional power utility in Germany already living with a high penetration of renewable energies. The second group consists of random participants representing the average German population. By comparing the impact factors of both groups towards the willingness to participate in LEM, differences can be derived and evaluated. Moreover, the study wants to gain insights on price preferences regarding the participation of end consumers in LEM, e.g. savings expectations or willingness to invest in new infrastructure.

Besides his studies and his job as a working student for a technical consulting company Thomas is member of the board of YES Consulting e.V. (, the first and only student consultancy focusing on energy economics in Germany. Furthermore, he blogs about cars and travelling and enjoys good hikes in the summer.

For further information about the project, you can contact Thomas via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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