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Moritz Krink

Moritz Krink

Moritz Krink is a 29-year-old state-certified engineer who is studying in the division of "Verbundstudiengang" at the University of applied science in Bielefeld business and economics with majoring marketing.

Currently Moritz is working on his bachelor's thesis Evaluation of the necessity to develop a new generation of connection technology by using the conjoint analysis under the supervision of Mr. Patrick Roßmann at the institute of economics and health at the university of applied science Bielefeld, Germany.

Especially in B2B market the usage of conjoint analysis is still used seldom as the demand for new product developments are mainly market and application driven. Moritz got the task to evaluate if it makes sense to investigate in a potential new R&D program by using Choice-Based-Conjoint analysis (CBC) and its market simulator tools.

During his study he is using the CBC , creating the survey and will analysis the importance of different product related attributes and the utilities of their levels. Furthermore the study will show up if conjoint analysis is in generally suitable or not.

Feel free to contact Moritz if you would like to learn more about his research: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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