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Christopher Holfeld

Christopher Holfeld

Christopher is a Master student at the University of Augsburg, Germany finishing his thesis at the Chair of Information Systems and Management (Prof. Dr. Daniel Veit). In his studies, he focused on the major Strategy &Information including digital business models, service marketing and the sharing economy. The topic of his master thesis addresses data strategy, monetization and privacy in the connected car. His CBC study is an initial effort to compare individual preferences with regard to privacy in the acceptance of connected car services and data markets. How do individuals make decisions in the connected car? What is the role of privacy and is it a relevant part of the preference structure?

Digital is on the road. He would like to inform about the value of data and privacy and is driven by “data as the new oil” or a new asset class in the digital world. Prior, he gained practical experience in digital strategy and transformation within the automotive, asset management, and e-commerce sector. Christopher is also interested in providing important insights in the interdisciplinary field of “Digital Life” and innovation management. Therefore, he continues his academic career as a research assistant and PhD student at the Institute of Innovation Management at LMU, Munich.

To learn more about Christophers’s work and experience you can visit his page at LinkedIn.

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