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Arunas Leipus

Arūnas Leipus

Arūnas is currently completing the Master of Science program in Business Administration at the ISM University of Economics and Management Executive School, Vilnius, Lithuania.

The goal of his research project is to determine the perceived value of Continuous-Flow Manufacturing Method (CFMM) for the users of molecular biology products.

CFMM is a gold standard in industries like automotive assembly, aerospace, medical equipment etc. but has never been used by manufacturers of perishable goods for the researchers in the molecular biology or biotechnology fields. Idea behind the CFMM principle is simple: there is no manufacturing to the stock at any assembly level. Manufacturing begins only after receiving customer/distributor order starting from raw materials with huge emphasis on the uninterrupted, zero waiting time process. Adoption of the CFMM is driven by the need to maximize efficiency and reduce the costs and usually is not associated with customer-centric business models.

Arūnas has identified attributes associated CFMM while performing qualitative in-depth interviews. He will use adaptive choice-based conjoint analysis to determine what and to what extent might be considered as added value by the customers in the field of biotechnology/molecular biology and how potential tradeoffs would affect their choices.

If you have any further questions or you would like to find out more about this work, please do not hesitate to contact Arūnas at:

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