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Jade Tweehuysen

Jade Tweehuysen

Jade is a 23-year-old sociology student currently completing the master’s program at Radboud University (RU) Nijmegen, The Netherlands. She has chosen the master policy- and applied research after a Bachelor program sociology. In 2016 she has completed her Bachelor degree in sociology at the RU. She follows her internship at IQ Healthcare, a scientific center for quality of healthcare in the Netherlands. Here she helps with the ‘Change’ study. The Change study aims to develop and to evaluate an evidence based multi-component implementation strategy aimed at the promotion of hand hygiene in Dutch nursing homes (NHs). The current study will focus on barriers experienced by care workers in NHs.

In her leisure time Jade likes to travel and explore new cultures. She also is a active person who enjoys to be outside to make a hike.

Jade will use MaxDiff techniques to elicit differences in experienced barriers by care workers in Dutch NHs. Respondent in the Change research will be asked to choose the most important barrier from a short list of barriers that are found in the literature and derived from focus group discussions with care workers in NHs. She hopes to find the most important barriers of hand hygiene and inspire policymakers to make use of these findings in new policy about hand hygiene.

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