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Sawtooth Solutions #8: 1998 Fall

Deadline for Early Conference Registration: November 30, 1998

You should have received a brochure announcing our next research conference, to be held in San Diego, CA, February 2-5, 1999. To avoid the late fee, you must register by November 30, 1998. After that date, registration will be $750, instead of $650, and the optional tutorials will cost $25 more.

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Achieving Individual-Level Predictions from CBC Data: Comparing ICE and Hierarchical Bayes

This article is adapted from a presentation given at the 1998 Advanced Research Techniques Forum by Joel Huber, Duke University, co-authored by Richard Johnson (Sawtooth Software) and Neeraj Arora (Virginia Tech).

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12 Steps to a Successful Web-Based Conjoint Survey

The following article was submitted by Patrick Delana and Zach Curtis, POPULUS, Inc. We invite other users to submit case studies or other articles as well.

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Reducing the Number-of-Attribute-Levels Effect in ACA with Optimal Weighting

This article is taken from a more complete technical paper available for downloading from our Technical Papers library.

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Ci3 v2.5 Upgrade Forthcoming

This article contains tips and suggestions for using Ci3.

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