1999 Research Conference Reminder

We hope by now that you have heard about our next Sawtooth Software Conference to be held February 2-5 in San Diego, California. This will be a top quality event held in the San Diego–La Jolla Marriott Hotel. The program is starting to take focus, and we are already very pleased with the amount of new information, new techniques and practical guidance that is coming forward.

Attendees to our conferences have commented on the forum's relevance and applicability. Our conference tends to be more practical and down-to-earth than many market research conferences today.

This is a 3 ½ day event. The first day is dedicated to tutorials, and the remaining 2 ½ days are set aside for presentations (roughly 30 minutes each) and follow-up discussion. By the way, if you came last year, you know that the food will be incredible!

Please mark February 2-5 on your calendar. We'll be sending out conference registration information soon.