Conjoint Internet Module Available

Over the last few years, we've received numerous requests for conjoint software that can create interviews for the Internet. Our CVA users recently received the announcement regarding our newest software product: the CVA Internet Module. This is a Windows-based add-on to our popular CVA package that gives you everything you need to create and host your own Internet/Intranet full-profile conjoint interview.

The CVA Internet Module leverages the advantages of the Internet and web browsers to create attractive interviews. Plus, you can add up to 50 additional standard survey questions such as numerics, selects (single or multi) and open-ends to create a complete survey instrument.

The CVA Internet Module has three main components: Passwords Module, Write Questionnaire Module, and the On-line Data Management Module.

1. Passwords Module. The imposter/repeater problem is one of the most oft-cited criticisms of Internet research. It is critical to restrict access to your survey. The Passwords Module lets you assign up to 9,999 different passwords. (If you want, you can also turn password verification off.)

Assigning a unique password for each respondent keeps respondents from taking the interview more than once. It also lets them interrupt a survey and resume it at a later session, without losing all of their data.

2. Write Questionnaire Module. The CVA Internet Module is a Windows-based system that lets you compose survey questions quickly and easily. No programming is involved. You simply click and choose options and type text into fields. The CVA Internet Module automatically reads your conjoint design and attribute labels directly from the base CVA System. You can ask a single question per "page" or group questions together.

Intuitive dialogs help you compose and format conjoint and other standard survey questions. You can add up to 50 additional survey questions to your full-profile conjoint questionnaire. The following question types are supported:

  • Conjoint questions (single concept or pairwise)
  • Select-type questions:
    1. single response
    2. multi-response
    3. combo drop-box
  • Numeric (with or without range verification)
  • Open-end (with or without response length verification)
  • Text only (no response required)

You can compose and test your entire questionnaire locally on your PC before uploading the files to your server. The CVA Internet Module provides basic questionnaire capabilities. No randomizations or skip patterns are supported in the current release.

3.On-line Data Management Module. When you conduct an Internet/Intranet survey, all of the data reside in the same directory on the server. This makes it easy to perform many study/data management tasks from any computer connected to the Internet. You can view data, download, or run simple marginals in real-time, while your survey is still running. You can also check password quota cells and adjust quotas.

Two levels of permission are available with the Data Management Module: read and read/write. You may wish to give your client read capabilities so that he/she can view results at any time, without the ability to do anything that could harm the study.

You can view an on-line demonstration of the CVA Internet Module at: We've also written a new article that is available for downloading from our technical papers library on the web entitled: "Conducting Full-Profile Conjoint Analysis over the Internet."