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Sawtooth Solutions #7: 1998 Summer

The Benefits of Accounting for Respondent Heterogeneity in Choice Modeling

Marketers have long recognized that people are unique. In market research, heterogeneity most often refers to differences in preference from person to person.

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Conjoint Internet Module Available

Over the last few years, we've received numerous requests for conjoint software that can create interviews for the Internet. Our CVA users recently received the announcement regarding our newest software product: the CVA Internet Module. This is a Windows-based add-on to our popular CVA package that gives you everything you need to create and host your own Internet/Intranet full-profile conjoint interview.

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1999 Research Conference Reminder

We hope by now that you have heard about our next Sawtooth Software Conference to be held February 2-5 in San Diego, California. This will be a top quality event held in the San Diego–La Jolla Marriott Hotel. The program is starting to take focus, and we are already very pleased with the amount of new information, new techniques and practical guidance that is coming forward.

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