Announcing: The ICE Module for Individual-Level Utilities from CBC

Choice-Based Conjoint is receiving a lot of attention lately. Researchers and clients alike value the realistic context of making choices from sets of available products. However, using CBC has been bittersweet. Because choices are an inefficient way to collect information about preferences, we have been compelled to use aggregate analysis.

Researchers and academics have argued that respondents are unique. The world does not consist of clean market segments. Aggregate models which assume no respondent differences cannot be optimal. Last year we made an important step toward recognizing respondent heterogeneity with the release of our Latent Class Module. But no software has been available for estimating individual-level utilities from Choice data until now.

The ICE (Individual Choice Estimation) Module is an add-on to the CBC system. With ICE, you'll get:

  • Rapid estimation of individual-level utilities
  • More accurate simulation models
  • A powerful market simulator (as used in ACA/CVA), featuring,
    • an easy-to-use user interface with pull-down menus
    • automatic sensitivity analysis and multi-scenario batch processing
    • respondent-level weighting
    • segmentation scenarios without having to re-run logit multiple times

Our goal at Sawtooth Software is to provide easy-to-use software tools for performing sophisticated analysis. The ICE Module upholds that tradition. As with all our products, the ICE Module comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Please contact us for more information, or download the ICE technical paper from our home page at