Sawtooth Software Conference 2019 | San Diego, CA, USA | September 23–27

Sawtooth Solutions #5: 1997 Fall

Conference 1997 Wrap-up Issue

Our sincere thanks to all those who made our 1997 conference a success. The presenters and attendees generated stimulating--and at times humorous--discussion and debate. The weather was beautiful, creating stunning views through the conference room windows overlooking the water. It doesn't always rain in Seattle!

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Real World Validation Data Needed

We would like to see some "real-world" validations of conjoint analysis at the next Sawtooth Software conference. We are particularly interested in validation of choice simulators versus real world decisions or purchases. Here are two examples of the type of project we are looking for:

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Conference Nuggets: A Summary of Key Take-Aways

We've distilled some of the most important points from each of the talks. Obviously, we cannot do justice to each presentation in a few paragraphs. The full text of the papers will be available in the 1997 Sawtooth Software Conference Proceedings. If you haven't yet ordered your copy, please consider adding this valuable reference to your shelf. An order form is available on page 7 of this newsletter.

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Ci3 Tech

This article contains tips and suggestions for using Ci3.

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