$453K in Sawtooth Software Grants to Students in 2012

Sawtooth Software awarded $453K in software grants to 36 qualifying students in 2012. Our software grants allow students working on masters and PhD thesis projects to obtain professional versions of our software (for their academic work) that are not limited to the 250 respondents like our standard student lab systems.

Some of the projects that these 36 students are working on include:

  • Motivations and Barriers to Solar Panel Usage
  • Smart Home Technology Preferences
  • How to Encourage Breast Cancer Screening
  • Preferences for Alternative-Fuel Vehicles
  • Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Housing Practices
  • How Recruiters Select High Technology Recruits

We wish these students the best of luck in their academic studies and are pleased to have been able to assist them. For more information about our grant program, please visit: Grants.