Sawtooth Software: The Survey Software of Choice

Optional Software Workshops (October 14-15)

The following 2-day software workshops are offered prior to the main conference event (The 2013 Sawtooth Software Conference), in Dana Point, California. Each course is limited to 25 participants, so register soon to avoid disappointment! The cost is $1,100 per workshop.

CBC Consulting Challenge Workshop

Aaron Hill, Sawtooth Software and Chris Chapman, Google

This rapid-pace workshop is intended for those already experienced with conducting and programming CBC studies within the SSI Web platform, including analysis and market simulations. Participants will break into small consulting teams to carry out a conjoint analysis study that provides insight and guidance for a real business problem. These studies will be fielded (online panel sample) the evening after the first day, with data analyzed the second day. Each team’s presentation will be critiqued by the instructors who will select a winning team to present their findings/recommendations on Wednesday at an after-hours clinic (5:15-6:15). This is an exhilerating workshop, as problem definition, study design, survey programming, fieldwork, analysis, and client presentation are condensed into an interval of just 34 hours. Previous participants raved about the experience!

CBC Software Workshop

Keith Chrzan, Brian McEwan, and Gary Baker, Sawtooth Software

If you are relatively new to choice-based conjoint (CBC) or just getting started, join us for two days of hands-on practice with the CBC software and market simulator. We'll cover the main aspects of designing, programming, and analyzing CBC studies. You will have an opportunity to program CBC questionnaires individually as well as analyze data from a real CBC study in a team-oriented case study session. We'll provide coverage of counting analysis, logit, latent class, and HB. The instructors will share best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and experiences based on many years of technical support and consulting.

Attendees receive an evaluation copy of the software that they may use for 90 days (for non-commercial studies and evaluation purposes only).

MBC Software Workshop

Bryan Orme and Walter Williams, Sawtooth Software

Menu-Based Choice (MBC) is a relatively new and flexible choice modeling approach for solving a variety of multi-check (combinatorial) menu-selection problems. Examples include: choosing options to put on an automobile, selections from a restaurant menu, banking options, configuring an insurance policy, purchasing bundled vs. a la carte services including mobile phones, internet, and cable. Using the MBC software requires expertise in terms of experimental design for conjoint exercises, developing MBC surveys using advanced HTML/Javascripting, and some data processing to prepare the files in .csv-format for analysis within MBC. MBC has a built-in simulator and can also automatically export Excel simulators.

This course is intended for those with a strong background in discrete choice and econometric modeling. It is not necessary to own any software to participate: a demo license will be given. The learning is enhanced by working with real practice datasets, including a modeling challenge where attendees compete to fit actual holdout data.