Don't Miss Conference 2013

The 2013 Sawtooth Software Conference will be held October 14-18, at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott Hotel in Dana Point, California, USA. This conference is held only once every 18 months. Given this location and the success of our last conference, we expect 275 to 325 people to attend.

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The Sawtooth Software conferences are renowned for their practical, practitioner-oriented focus and depth in the fields of conjoint analysis, segmentation, and data collection/analysis. It is not a sales-oriented program, but a forum to exchange ideas and learn about quantitative methods in marketing research.

The 2013 conference will focus on conjoint/choice analysis and MaxDiff, other advanced techniques, and general issues regarding data collection. We are pleased to announce that the Sawtooth Software conference will be held in conjunction with the Conjoint Analysis in Health Care Conference. This will provide a unique opportunity to researchers in marketing and health care economics to interact. Both events are held at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott Hotel and attendees will mingle at meals and after-hours receptions.