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Standard Web-Based Surveys: Why SSI Web v8 Is Becoming the Go-To Tool

As our general survey platform evolves, many of our customers are finding that it provides all they need for their web-based and CAPI survey needs. If you are frustrated with aspects of other survey tools, we invite you to consider switching to CiW within our SSI Web platform. You may download a demo and try it out at: Download SSI Web Trial

Standard survey research is our bread-and-butter, though we are well-known for our advanced analytical tools. The first software package we ever released as a company (back in the early 1980s) was for general survey creation on PCs. Over the last five years, more programming effort has gone into our general survey platform (often called “CiW”) than into conjoint analysis!

Because SSI Web is a template-based (point-and-click) system for survey creation, beginning users find it easy to program their first projects. SSI Web also allows power users to incorporate additional HTML, Javascript, Flash, and Perl, so advanced users are finding that it can do things that other survey packages cannot.

SSI Web’s Capabilities:

  • All the standard survey types
  • Complex skip patterns
  • Randomization of response options, lists, blocks of questions, and pages
  • Data piping
  • Constructed (dynamic) lists
  • Automatic response verification
  • Quota control
  • Looping
  • Foreign language character support
  • Export to .csv and .sav
  • Cross-tabulations
  • Self-hosting, or using our hosting service
  • CAPI based interviewing
  • Multiple styles to select from
  • No charges per study or data point

If you have 10 users at your organization using SSI Web, the cost annually is just $1,600 per user (with the Annual Corporate License). This fee also covers nearly every additional analytical tool we produce, including: CBC, CBC/HB, ACBC, CCEA, and MaxDiff.

Our survey-hosting service makes it very easy to manage web-based data collection. Hosting fees start as little as $350 per month for a project with 500 completed records.