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Sawtooth Solutions #33: 2011 Summer

Report on Conjoint Analysis Usage 2011

Thank you to those who participated in our annual customer feedback survey. This tool serves as a measuring stick for our business, and allows us to keep in touch with both the overriding sentiment and the specific ideas of customers. We learn how we can better serve you, and what we can do to improve our products.

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MBC (Menu-Based Choice) Software in Beta

In May, we hosted 21 beta testers in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for the beta program kickoff of the new MBC Software for Menu-Based Choice. The beta period will last about 9 months. MBC is an extension of CBC methodology to handle a variety of complex multi-check/configurator choice tasks. Common applications include bundling vs. a la carte product and service configuration for restaurant menus, autos, telecom bundling, single vs. multi-drug prescription, warranties, insurance, banking options, etc.

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Call for Papers: Sawtooth Software Conference 2012

We are pleased to announce that the 2012 Sawtooth Software Conference will be held March 21-23, 2012, at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn in Orlando, Florida. This conference is held only once every 18 months. Given this location and the success of our last conference, we expect between 225 to 250 people for the 2012 conference.

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