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Sawtooth Solutions #30: 2009 Fall

Update on Conjoint Usage Survey

During the month of April, we completed our seventh annual customer feedback and conjoint usage survey. Thank you to all that participated! We hope it isn’t becoming an irritation to you to complete this survey on an annual basis. The results truly are helpful to us.

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Second Edition of "Getting Started with Conjoint" Book Available

On the heels of the successful first edition, we have completed a second edition of "Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis." We've updated the text throughout, have written two new chapters and new major sections, and have expanded the glossary of terms. Cost is $40, or $35 each if ordered in bulk (20+ copies).

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Web Sample Providers: Who We Are Using

Earlier this year, we completed our 2009 Feedback Survey (thanks to all who participated!). We asked our users (who conducted web-based surveys) to list the providers of online sample they had used in the previous 12 months. This was asked as an open-end question, with no prompting regarding potential sample providers. The text of the question and the percent of respondents naming each firm are given below (multiple responses allowed; firms mentioned by fewer than 3% of respondents not displayed).

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Scale Factor and Conjoint Results

As researchers gain proficiency in conjoint analysis, they should make sure to pay attention to the issue of Scale Factor. Respondents who are very consistent in their choices have part-worth utilities of larger absolute magnitude than inconsistent respondents. For example, consider two respondents, “Sloppy Sam” and “Consistent Carrie.”

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