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SSI Web v7 Upgrade Progress

We're making steady progress on a new version of SSI Web v7, and its benefits will affect all components within the platform (CiW, CBC, ACBC, ACA, MaxDiff, CVA).

Key things that are going into the v7 upgrade include:

  • No more limitation of 4 character studynames
  • Multiple CBC studies, ACA studies, and CVA studies may be included within the same project. This means less linking of surveys!
  • Back button (not just the back button on the browser toolbar, but a back button within the survey). The back button allows respondents to back up in the survey, even to sections of the survey that were completed in a previous session (such as after a restart).
  • Graphical select and radio buttons
  • Randomized Blocks of questions (e.g. the 3 blocks of questions: Q1-Q5; Q6-Q10; Q11-Q15 can be randomized, and Q1-Q5 always stay together as a block, Q6-Q10 always stay together, etc.)
  • The standard formatting controls in the edit question dialogs will operate nicely in conjunction with styles. Right now, styles typically override most of the formatting controls. SSI Web surveys will start by default with a more attractive style, so your surveys will look much better even before you apply your favorite style.
  • Improving the data export speed
  • Better multi-lingual support
  • Automatic survey upload and data download. The FTP process will be built into SSI Web, so this feature will make working with the server faster and less complicated.

We are committed to making sure that SSI Web works well for studies that involve a conjoint analysis component as well as studies that don’t include any conjoint analysis. Expect v7 to be released in the first half of 2010.