Survey Hosting Business Thriving

Back in 2001, we began assisting a few of our SSI Web users by posting their surveys to our rented servers. At the time, we knew this would give folks with even basic computing skills the confidence that they could invest in SSI Web and execute their projects without a hitch. Little did we know that hosting surveys would turn into a thriving service business, even among customers with strong computing skills and experience with web servers.

Since 2001, we’ve hosted more than 2800 surveys, representing 1.4 million completed survey records.

Our web-hosting service provides:

  • A dedicated and helpful Sawtooth Software employee to assist you
  • Automatic data backups every 24 hours
  • A server that supports “mod_perl” for superior performance
  • Choice of dedicated or shared servers
  • Ability to choose your own custom domain names
  • Optional Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for added security

A typical web hosting fee runs from about $250 to $500 for a relatively small project.

Why are so many Sawtooth Software customers choosing our hosting services? One big reason is to avoid the bureaucracy and barriers often encountered when dealing with internal IT departments. Another explanation is the superb service provided by our hosting manager, Murray Milroy.

As some examples of Murray’s “extra-mile” service, he not only posts the surveys, but often clicks through them to see if there are any obvious red flags or problems. He has been known to discover broken links and faulty skip-patterns, help users with links from sample providers, or restore project files for studies that had been completed (and lost by the users!) from months before. While we cannot guarantee a perfectly problem-free hosting experience, it’s sure nice to know that an experienced person like Murray is there to safeguard your data and help you along.

To learn more about our hosting services, please visit Hosting.