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Sawtooth Software Website Updated

We recently updated our website's look and functionality. The changes are based on user feedback, our own preferences, and a study of other successful websites. Please visit us at to experience our new site.

Layout and Navigation:

  • The new homepage is 800 pixels wide (our previous page was 750 pixels), with more white space than before. We've “themed” different functional areas on the website using nature photographs from our surrounding area on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.
  • We've included clickable links that expand and hide supporting material (such as viewing an abstract for a technical paper).
  • We've developed a new major link called Solutions, which emphasizes how our products can help solve common business problems.
  • We've added a Shopping Cart. Our previous purchasing form was restrictive in the sense that it involved a confined, linear process for specifying software products to buy.
  • A new interactive project advisor is available to help researchers decide which conjoint methods are appropriate for different project situations (see featured article in this newsletter).