Sawtooth Software: The Survey Software of Choice

Don't Miss Conference 2007: October 17-19, Santa Rosa, CA

If you attend just one market research event this year, make it the Sawtooth Software Conference. This event is held once every 18 months and nearly 200 people attended the previous meeting. This is a practical conference, where experienced consultants and academics discuss issues that matter to our everyday research practice.

The conference is not a sales forum for our software (in fact, some attendees have complained that we don't provide more of a software sales focus!).

Two-dozen people representing both practitioners and academics will present papers on a variety of subjects related to quantitative market research, including data collection, conjoint/choice analysis, segmentation, mapping, and hierarchical Bayes. Both favorable and contrasting viewpoints to our approach and software systems will be presented.

Read what previous attendees have said about the Sawtooth Software Conference:

  "It's the only practitioner-oriented conference for marketing science, and Sawtooth always runs a first-class operation."
  "Increasingly, the Sawtooth Software conference has become the vehicle for bringing academic research into an accessible format that is open to validation and critique. This conference has done more to change the research industry and the tools available to researchers than has any other forum."
  "Very well-organized, well-planned. Worth every dollar and every minute."
  "This conference is by far the best in the industry - it is down to earth and practical."

And don't forget the optional 4-hour tutorials on the day leading into the conference. They are a great value and consistently receive great reviews.

To view abstracts or to register for the program, visit: