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Intermediate CBC Workshop: November 8-9, New York

Already know the basics for CBC modeling? Want some help getting to the next level? Come to the Intermediate CBC Workshop in New York for an interactive, hands-on training taught by the experts at Sawtooth Software.

Attendees will use the CBC/Web software to perform a variety of programming and analytical tasks to extend their knowledge. The class is structured as part lecture, part software exercises. Topics include:

  • Choosing among the four questionnaire design strategies: Complete Enumeration, Shortcut, Balanced Overlap, and Random.
  • Prohibitions: are they universally bad? Testing the impact of modest to severe prohibitions.
  • Design Testing: Quick Test vs. more advanced test using simulated respondents. How the advanced test can help with sample size decisions.
  • Conditional Pricing: customizing price ranges without the use of prohibitions.
  • Partial Profile, Constant Sum, Alternative-Specific Designs.
  • Advanced Topics: .CHO file modification, custom layouts for CBC questions, more details on HB analysis. Plus, a look at the latest research on cutting-edge Adaptive CBC questionnaires!

The workshop will be held in the Sheraton Tarrytown, 600 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY, about a 40-minute drive from La Guardia Airport. Attendees will use free demo software to perform all in-class exercises (must bring laptop PC running Windows 2000 or later). Attendees should already be familiar with the CBC/Web software. Knowledge of basic HTML strongly encouraged.

To register, visit The cost is $950 for the 2-day training. Continental breakfasts and two full lunches included.