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SSI Web v6.2 Released

Recently, we released SSI Web v6.2 as a free update to all v6 users. With this update, our capable programmers have greatly enhanced some nuts-and-bolts aspects of the software that affect most every SSI Web project. We have updated the following three major areas:

  • Respondent Passwords
  • Quota Control
  • Online Administrative Module

We have paid close attention to user requests in making improvements, and we appreciate those of you who have sent suggestions or reviewed our initial planning documents.

Respondent Passwords Update:

We have dramatically improved how SSI Web manages and uses respondent passwords and “passed-in” data fields.

  • We are now managing the passwords data as a single Microsoft Jet file. Working with very large passwords files is easier and quicker than before.
  • The number of characters per password and the total number of password fields have been greatly increased.
  • Cookies may be used instead of (or in addition to) passwords.
  • Respondents may specify their own passwords.
  • Data already collected on respondents may be merged into the passwords database and becomes part of the final data set for respondents who visit the survey.

Quota Control Update:

Multiple independent quotas are now supported. For example, quotas may be established for Gender and Age separately. In the previous versions of SSI Web, you needed to develop quotas based on the joint combinations of Gender and Age.

Admin Module Update:

We've simplified the interface (shaving many clicks) and updated the Admin Module for a more modern look. In addition, you can customize the interface to control exactly which menu items are available to given administrative passwords.

Upgrade Today!

If you are a licensed v6 user, you should have already received your notification of the free update. If you have not, please contact us. And, of course, if you are using a version prior to v6, call today for upgrade pricing and to talk to our helpful staff.