Sawtooth Software: The Survey Software of Choice

2007 Customer Survey Results

During the month of April, we completed our fifth annual customer feedback and conjoint usage survey. Thank you to all that participated! Your response rate was higher than before, and this is greatly appreciated. We're using the results to help us improve and design even better products and solutions.

We're pleased to report that overall satisfaction with Sawtooth Software remains high, with 97% of our customers stating that the interactions they had with us were either good or excellent.

A portion of the survey focuses on tracking the use of conjoint-related methods among our users. Here were some of the main findings:

1. Among the three main flavors of conjoint, CBC continues to be used more often than ACA and traditional, full-profile conjoint (CVA). Among our users, the relative application of the methodologies as a percent of conjoint projects was as follows: CBC (78%), ACA (14%), and CVA (8%). The results for previous years are shown in the chart below:

2. Though CBC is used most often, one should not conclude that it is best for all types of applications. Researchers continue to employ multiple conjoint methods, depending on the needs of the project. Among our users' firms conducting preference modeling in the last 12 months, 80% used CBC for projects, 42% used ACA, and 20% used CVA. About one-third of users (33%) relied on one of these three conjoint tools exclusively.

3. Among those who used CBC last year, HB estimation was used in 69% of final models.

4. MaxDiff was used by 24% of respondents' firms in the previous year. This compares to 18% of firms in the 2006 survey.