Feedback on Product Plans 2007

Thank-you to all users who completed our recent questionnaire launched at the first of the year. The survey asked respondents to evaluate 13 possible product upgrade ideas for 2007. We used your feedback to drive the discussion in our January strategy planning meeting. We designed the questionnaire to examine both the overall use of our different product components and the enthusiasm that users of each component express toward seeing suggested improvements. Your open-end comments were also extremely helpful, as they help new ideas surface and gain traction.

For your information, the ideas that seemed to capture the most interest among our users were:

  • Excel-based market simulator
  • Rewrite of market simulator within the SSI Web platform
  • An upgrade to CBC/HB

We also took the opportunity to ask users about their use of advanced features within CBC/Web and also CiW. We were curious regarding whether you use some of these more advanced features, and here are the results:

Which of the following features in CBC/Web do you currently use (at least occasionally)?

66% Prohibitions
59% Conditional Pricing
54% Display attribute label at left of task
47% Alternative-Specific Design
46% Partial-Profile
29% Conditional Graphics
26% Custom CBC Layout using Free Format
18% Shelf-Display

Which of the following features in SSI Web do you currently use (at least occasionally)?

39% Constructed Lists
29% SSI Scripting
29% Quota Control
25% Free Format
19% SSI Web CAPI (standalone interviewing, not connected to web)
15% Double-byte character support (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, etc.)
14% Unverified Perl