Sawtooth Solutions #24: 2006 Spring

2006 Customer Survey: CBC Most Used

During the month of March, we completed our fourth annual customer feedback and conjoint usage survey. Thank you to all that participated. Here were some of the main findings:

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Avoiding the “Blank” Concept in CBC/Web

Oftentimes in CBC research, we include “blank” levels within attribute lists, such as for binary (on/off) attributes where we don’t want to display anything for the “off” level. To further illustrate, some researchers are asked to use conjoint analysis to study advertising statements and/or graphics that could be assembled in print ads or packaging.

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Conference 2006 Summary of Findings

The twelfth Sawtooth Software Conference was held in Delray Beach, Florida, March 29-31, 2006. The 170 attendees reflected the highest attendance that we have seen at our conferences in recent memory.

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