Sawtooth Software Conference 2019 | San Diego, CA, USA | September 23–27

Sawtooth Solutions #21: 2005 Winter

European Conference and Training, May 25-27, Berlin, Germany

We are pleased to announce the 2005 Design & Innovations Conference, to be held May 25-27, 2005, in Berlin, Germany. This event is co-sponsored by Sawtooth Software and SKIM, our European representative. It will closely follow the format of the successful US Sawtooth Software conferences.

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General Online Surveys Take Front Seat

For some time, Sawtooth Software had invested most of its development effort toward conjoint analysis and advanced analytics. We'd done this quite successfully, and as a result, many of you have come to think of us as a "conjoint company." It may surprise some of you to know that Sawtooth Software's first interviewing product (Ci2, in 1983) was a general interviewing product. The majority of our revenues over the first decade of business came from general interviewing.

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New Licensing and Pricing Policies Effective May 1, 2005

As of May 1, 2005 Sawtooth Software will begin selling software and version upgrades under a new per-seat licensing and pricing policy.

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Conference 2004 Summary of Findings

Nineteen presentations were delivered at the eleventh Sawtooth Software Conference, held October 6-8, in San Diego, CA. We've summarized some of the high points below. Since we cannot possibly convey the full worth of the papers in a few paragraphs, the authors have submitted complete written papers within the 2004 Sawtooth Software Conference Proceedings available for ordering from Sawtooth Software.

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On the Design of MaxDiff Experiments

MaxDiff (Best/Worst) scaling has received a growing amount of interest lately. Papers on this topic have won "best presentation" at our two most recent Sawtooth Software conferences. MaxDiff provides a trade-off based alternative to standard rating scales for evaluating the desirability or importance of items. The items may be product features, products themselves, political candidates, brand names, etc.

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