CVA v2.0 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of CVA v2.0. CVA is Sawtooth Software's full-profile conjoint package, and is particularly useful for conducting paper-and-pencil conjoint studies.

Version 2 includes an entirely new interface for defining attributes and levels, managing multiple studies, calculating utilities, and running simulations. The new interface means the end of creating ASCII files to input attributes, file layouts and control parameters. The interface features a menu bar with pull-down menus, dialog boxes and on-screen help. Those familiar with ACA 4.0 will recognize that we've borrowed generously from ACA's easy-to-use interface. If you fall into this category, we expect this sense of deja vu will make your transition to CVA v2.0 even easier.

In addition to improving the interface, we have enhanced CVA's questionnaire designer to create more efficient designs and to create either single-profile or pair-wise comparison interviews automatically. Instead of developing a single design and stopping as in Version 1, Version 2 reserves a larger pool of potential product profiles to draw upon. The profile which contributes least to the efficiency of the design is discarded, and the process repeated, until a smaller set of highly efficient profiles remains. More efficient designs lead to more precise utility measurements.

For current CVA users, the price for upgrading to Version 2 is $500. For ACA users who do not own CVA yet, the price is $1,000. Otherwise, CVA v2.0 costs $1,500. These prices are for Category I licenses.