The CBC Paper-And-Pencil Module

Over the past year we have spoken to many researchers wanting to use CBC for paper-and-pencil studies. Unfortunately, using CBC with paper and pencil has been labor-intensive and methodologically limiting.

In response, we have written an add-on to our CBC System called "The CBC Paper-And-Pencil Module" which provides access to the full range of CBC's capabilities without having to use computers to run the questionnaire and collect the data.

Fixed paper-and-pencil designs employing only a few versions usually allow for estimation of main-effects, but not interactions. This has been particularly limiting for pricing studies where it is important to measure price sensitivity for each brand. The Paper Module permits up to 60 versions of the questionnaire and up to 20 tasks per version, providing more than enough product combinations to measure main-effects and two-way interactions.

The CBC Paper-And-Pencil Module costs $1,000 for a Category I license. As with all our products, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Please contact us at 360/681-2300 if you have questions or would like us to fax you an order form.