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Call for Papers: Eleventh Sawtooth Software Conference

On October 4-8, we will hold our eleventh Sawtooth Software Conference in San Diego, California. Our research conference brings together some of the best minds in our industry to talk about practical issues in computer/Web interviewing and quantitative market research. It is not a sales-oriented event for our software, but a chance to exchange ideas and receive education from a variety of sources and perspectives. Papers presented at our previous Sawtooth Software Conferences are cited frequently in journal articles.

We're looking for exceptionally strong papers. If you'd like to be on the program, please respond promptly (by April 2, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with a one-page abstract describing your proposed paper, with special attention to the findings and what the audience will "take away" from the presentation. You must also include a 50-word description of your paper to include in the conference brochure, should your abstract be accepted.

We are interested in papers on a variety of subjects, including Web interviewing, market segmentation, scale development, customer satisfaction modeling, conjoint/choice analysis, perceptual mapping, hierarchical Bayes methods, forecasting, pricing research, market simulations and case studies. These papers need not involve Sawtooth Software's programs or approach.

In an effort to provide more balance to the program, we are encouraging papers that are NOT about conjoint/choice modeling. We are also placing special emphasis this year on case studies and nuts-and-bolts aspects of conducting quantitative market research and delivering results to managers. For all topics, we are eager to see evidence of managerial relevance, external validity, profit impact, etc.

Presenters receive a complimentary conference registration. To be accepted, a paper must show promise of being sufficiently practical to be of use to the least sophisticated members of the audience, while having enough substance to be of interest to the most sophisticated members. In addition to standard presentation slides, authors are required to submit a journal-quality written paper for publication in the Conference Proceedings.

We strive for the highest quality in our conferences. If your abstract is accepted, a member of the steering committee will review early drafts of your presentation and offer suggestions. Authors are expected to consider these suggestions conscientiously and rework their presentations as needed. Sawtooth Software reserves the right to remove any author from the program or proceedings that fails to meet deadlines or produce high quality work.

Sawtooth Software Conference 2004 Steering Committee Members are:

  • Bryan Orme, Sawtooth Software
  • Karlan Witt, Customer Metrics Group
  • Dick Wittink, Yale University
  • Joel Huber, Duke University