Web Site Targets Academics Teaching Conjoint Analysis

We are pleased to announce a new area on our web site designed to assist professors in teaching conjoint analysis. Different lecture outlines are suggested for teaching traditional full-profile conjoint analysis, discrete choice, or Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA). Even though the site is aimed at academics, we hope that professional organizations will also use the materials for training purposes.

The focus is on providing free materials for download and student exercises that can be done entirely using Microsoft Excel(TM). Professors may take advantage of the site without buying software licenses from us or paying royalties.

The site features:

  • Power Point(TM) Slides: We've assembled slides used in our own trainings and clinics. The slides are arranged by lecture, for each of three suggested course outlines. The outlines vary from a light one-day introduction to a more intensive five-lecture program designed for a graduate course in market research or multivariate statistics for marketing.
  • White Papers in .PDF Format: We've compiled relevant readings for students along with more advanced background material for professors for each lecture.
  • Student Exercises: Assignments based on the readings and Power Point slides help students apply what they have learned. The exercises give hands-on experience with basic conjoint/choice methods using Excel along with an interactive ACA survey (that automatically reports the students' own part worths) on Sawtooth Software's site. Students learn dummy-coding and OLS estimation of part worths for traditional conjoint, and "counting" analysis for simple discrete choice surveys involving brand and price. They receive an intuitive introduction to experimental design and market simulations.
  • Example Conjoint Data: Sample conjoint data are available in .XLS format for students to chart part worths and importances, and write a simple choice simulator and perform what-if scenarios.

We encourage academics to adapt/modify our materials to their needs. The materials may be used in whole or in part as long as the citation "Copyright Sawtooth Software" or "Portions Copyright Sawtooth Software" is included.

Students may also complete an optional primary research project using academic versions of our ACA, CBC or CVA software systems. Academic versions for teaching purposes are available for just $300 for the entire school.

Please visit our new academic area at http://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/academics/teaching-aids.