Conference 2000 Wrap-Up Issue

Our most recent Sawtooth Software Conference on Quantitative Methods in Marketing Research was held in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It was a beautiful setting, and the first time we've hosted our conference on the East Coast.

At every conference we conduct a survey among the attendees to determine how well it is meeting their needs and to elicit comments and suggestions. We'd like to share some of the results. Conference attendees represented the following types of organizations:

Conference Attendee Profile

Research Firm 52% Consulting Firm 15% End-User of Research 13% Academic 8% Other 12%

Twenty-eight percent of the attendees were not Sawtooth Software users. We think our conference has general appeal and we strive to provide a broad range of perspectives and topics. It is not a software sales-oriented event, which sometimes takes people by surprise. One first-time attendee commented, "I can't believe it wasn't a foil."

Despite our efforts to recruit diverse presentations, this year's program was heavily weighted toward conjoint analysis (17 out of 23 presentations). We strongly encourage those of you wanting to present at our next conference to consider a topic other than conjoint analysis. We are particularly interested in web-related data collection topics.

Our conference continues to receive high marks in terms of satisfaction and stated "likelihood to come again."

Likelihood of Coming to Another Sawtooth Software Conference

Definitely Would 38%
Probably Would 49%
Might or Might Not 9%
Probably Would Not 4%
Definitely Would Not 0%

We also asked attendees to evaluate seven potential sites for our next conference. Aspen, CO, Victoria, B.C. and San Diego, CA were the top three vote-getters. We plan to hold our next conference in late September or early October of 2001 in Victoria, B.C.. Victoria is about 20 miles (across the Strait of Juan De Fuca) from our corporate offices in Sequim, WA. It is a beautiful, flower-filled walking city with a European flavor.