Sawtooth Solutions #13: 2000 Spring

Conference 2000 Wrap-Up Issue

Our most recent Sawtooth Software Conference on Quantitative Methods in Marketing Research was held in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It was a beautiful setting, and the first time we've hosted our conference on the East Coast.

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Conference 2000: Summary of Findings

Nearly two-dozen presentations were given at our most recent Sawtooth Software conference in Hilton Head. We've summarized some of the high points below. Since we cannot possibly convey the full worth of the papers in a few paragraphs, the authors have submitted complete written papers (not the presentation slides) for the 2000 Sawtooth Software Conference Proceedings. If you haven't yet ordered your copy, please consider adding this valuable reference to your shelf. Call us at 360/681-2300 to order.

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Utility Constraints Offered in CBC Hierarchical Bayes v1.5 Upgrade

Conjoint studies frequently include product attributes for which almost everyone would be expected to prefer one level to another. However, estimated part-worths sometimes turn out not to have those expected orders. This can be a problem, since part-worths with the wrong slopes, or coefficients with the wrong signs, are likely to yield nonsense results and can undermine users' confidence.

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