Academics Cite Sawtooth Software Conference Proceedings

We have hosted the Sawtooth Software Conferences for over a decade now, with the goal of bringing academic researchers and practitioners together to discuss practical research issues. We have been pleased with the quality of the resulting papers, which have been published in a series of Proceedings. A recent book on conjoint analysis suggests that our conferences and the resulting Proceedings have had a favorable impact on the academic research community.

Conjoint Measurement - Methods and Applications (Eds. Gustafsson, Herrmann, Huber. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2000) is a collection of sixteen recent essays, mostly by academics but with a few practitioners. As we examined the essays, we were delighted to notice how often papers presented at the Sawtooth Software conferences were referenced. The table below shows the top seven sources cited in that volume according to our informal tally:

Citations by Source in Conjoint Measurement - Methods and Applications

Journal of Marketing Research 124
Sawtooth Software Conference Proceedings 41
Journal of Marketing 34
International Journal of Research in Marketing 31
Marketing Science 29
Journal of Consumer Research 26
Marketing Letters 24

If we take this book as a proxy for the modern state of conjoint thought, the venerable Journal of Marketing Research is by far the most influential source of research about conjoint analysis. But, by the same standard, the Sawtooth Software Conferences are the second most influential source. Even though the focus of our conferences has been practitioner-oriented, this group of mostly academic authors has referred to them more often than several academic journals. We expect Sawtooth Software conferences to remain an important resource for the research community.