ACA, CVA and CBC Receive New Windows Market Simulator

Imagine delivering a polished Windows-based market simulator to clients. Imagine that it lets you select banner points for a "cross-tab" like display, showing attribute utilities, importances, and shares of preference in separate columns for each sub-group. Imagine that it includes the new Randomized First Choice model to adjust for product similarity. Imagine that you can cut-and-paste simulation results directly to a spreadsheet. Imagine that no matter the utility estimation procedure (ACA, CVA, logit, Lclass, ICE or HB), you can use the same market simulator to analyze the results.

All of these capabilities are provided by the new upgrade to ACA v4.5, CVA v2.5 and CBC v2.5.

Upgrade: ACA v4.5, CVA v2.5 and CBC v2.5

We are pleased to announce upgrades to our conjoint analysis software. The CBC v2.5 upgrade is free to those owning CBC v2. For those owning CVA v2, the CVA v2.5 upgrade is $500. The ACA upgrade costs $500 for those owning ACA/10 v4; and $1,000 for those owning ACA/30 v4. Please note that you only need to upgrade the software system that permits the largest number of attributes. For example, if you own both ACA/30 and CVA, you only need to purchase the ACA/30 upgrade. The market simulator can work with any Sawtooth Software data files, with the number of attributes restricted by your license. Therefore, upgrading your 30-attribute ACA software is sufficient for running simulations from CVA data, which at maximum have 10 attributes.

Please call for more information or to order.