Sign Up for Sawtooth Software E-News

At Sawtooth Software, our website ( has been invaluable both for marketing and technical support. We are taking steps to leverage the Internet and particularly email even more. Last November we launched an email newsletter to supplement this quarterly publication.

One of our greatest concerns about an email newsletter was that we not irritate users and potential customers. We despise unsolicited "spam" messages. We decided that we must send only to existing customers and to individuals who have contacted us for information and volunteered their email addresses. We decided that E-News should arrive only periodically (not more than once per month), carry a short message with hyperlinks, and provide a clear way for people to un-subscribe.

It was not without trepidation that we fired off our first batch of Sawtooth Software E-News, but it took just a few hours to see that it had been a success. We received many unsolicited return email messages with positive feedback and requests to additionally subscribe colleagues.

Please join our E-News list. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "Subscribe" in either the subject or message field.