Ci3 Tech

Here are some answers to a couple of questions our users have submitted about the Ci3 software.

Question: How Can I Remove Duplicate Respondent Records from My Data File?

Ci3 v2.5 provides two ways to do this. If you are certain that the respondent numbers are unique in your file, you can simply choose Analysis | Utilities | Remove Duplicates. Ci3 discards any duplicate records based on respondent number.

If it is possible that some cases have the same respondent number but really represent different respondent records, you can use the Field | Accumulate Data... option. Copy your questionnaire.dat and questionnaire.idx files from your study directory into another directory on your hard drive (for example, C:\TEMP). Next, delete those two files from the study directory. Accumulate the questionnaire.dat file from the C:\TEMP directory into your study directory with the Check for Duplicates box checked. As Ci3 processes the data, it checks for duplicate respondent numbers. If it detects duplicate numbers, it then does a thorough check of all the information contained in the suspect duplicate record. If all of the information matches perfectly, Ci3 skips the duplicate record. If Ci3 detects any difference, it asks you whether you want to delete the case or include it within the data set.

Question: Can Multiple Interviewers Work from a Common Field Disk over a Network?

The NETWORK ON instruction placed in the prequestionnaire section of your interview script lets you set up a Field Disk in an interviewing directory on a network drive. Multiple respondents can access the interview at the same time and the data are saved into the common questionnaire.dat file. This is also a simple way to set up a "Poor Man's CATI" system. Your Ci3 license lets you distribute and install Field Disks with no limitations. You can have as many telephone interviewing stations as you like working from the same Field Disk on a network drive. Ci3 currently doesn't provide an interface with databases (that might include customer names and telephone numbers), so you would probably manage your sample and schedule callbacks on paper.

You may soon outgrow this "Poor Man's CATI System" and find need for the advanced capabilities of the Ci3 CATI system available from Sawtooth Technologies (847/866-0870). The Ci3 CATI system provides sophisticated capabilities for managing sample from a common database, scheduling callbacks, quota control, and automatic dialing of telephone numbers.