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Ci3 Version 2 for Windows 95

Ci3 Version 2 for Windows 95 is now available. This new version brings the Windows "look and feel" to Ci3, for both author and respondent.

For authoring, the advantages are:

  • A Windows interface, with tool bar, buttons, and single-click access to Editing, Compiling, and Testing.
  • Extensive context-sensitive help. You may never open the manual again.
  • A built-in editor that provides detailed help in syntax. If you forget an instruction's syntax, a click and a keystroke will give you an on-screen display of needed information. Of course, you can still use your own editor if you prefer.
  • No more DOS-induced limitations on memory.
  • You can create alternative versions of an interview for Windows 95 and DOS.

For respondents, interviews can have the "look and feel" of Windows, including:

  • Graphics and Sound.
  • Windows controls, with radio buttons, sliders, etc.
  • Text can be in different fonts and sizes.

Ci3 v2.0 requires Windows 95 or Windows NT(TM) for authoring. Interviewing computers can run Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.x with Win32s(R), or DOS. Ci3 v2.0 does not currently permit interviewing on computers running Windows 3.x without Win32s, but that will be available as a free upgrade to users of Version 2.

Despite its greater power, Version 2 is priced like the DOS version. The upgrade to Version 2 costs approximately 40% of the price of the corresponding DOS version.